Monday, September 17, 2012

When Ah Jed talks about Chua Soi Lek

WARNING: This post has been deemed unsuitable for any gin na who is under the age of 18.It contains alot of profanities from different chinese dialects, and it discusses Chua Soi Lek.

 This is what happens when Ah Jed is too free, he'll choose one random people and tiu him. As for today, our unfortunate victim is none other than the famous pornstar, Chua Soi Lek!!!!!!
The reason why I tiu him is not because he has a very 'cat lan' face(my opinion may be different from yours, you may think that he looks as good as Takeshiro). Who the f is Takeshiro? go google it lah..... Just like 'satan' is the symbol of 'evil' , Chua Soi Lek is the symbol of 'immorality'.

       In US or Uk, or Cambodia or any other country for f sake, when your dick(regardless of its length) is exposed to the public for the wrong reason, your politic career is over. Ok lah... who didnt have sex before.........a man sure have his needs mah.........KNNCCB your wife is waiting for you at home why you must tapau outside???? but nevermind a fellow human being we must know when to mind our own business......but then.....a few week after his brilliant low intensity sex-tape being 'published', he got promoted from vice-president of MCA to president of MCA.yeah right anything can happen in Bolehland

       For those mindless MCA member who choose to vote for him in the party election, a small humble question for you...'Do you endorse adultery?'. I m very very dissapointed when the pornstar got elected to become the MCA undoubtedly sends the wrong message to our neighbor country.

       Everytime when this fella opens his mouth, it reminds me of the sex video.As a registered voter, I have planned to vote for Teh Kim Po (a MCA candidate) in the coming election, but then now, I have changed my mind.To be fair,the now ruling PR candidate hasnt done a good job either(roads full of potholes,alot illegal gambling shoplots,banyak shining shining punya tapak kaki and many more).Therefore, I will not vote for either PR or MCA member, I will vote for any neutral candidate without a party because and BECAUSE a vote for any MCA candidate(who endorsed adultery)is a vote for adultery and 'I DONT ENDORSE ADULTERY'

 +++DISCLAIMER+++ Everything in this post is based on countless research on Chua Soi Lek's sex video, therefore it is fair to claim that this post contains nothing but the truth.


gin na= 'child' or 'children' in hokkien
tiu= 'fuck' in cantonese.(has alot of uses)
KNNCB= abbreviation for************ trust me, theres no use learning that

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